The book's narrator, Megan:  Forty-four, feisty and smart; certainly smart enough to have raised a daughter without ever cooking a single meal. She doesn't even own an apron, but she knows all about apron strings -- the ones that tie her to Mamma. Will Megan finally have the guts to cut loose?

To see Megan's New York neighborhood, click here.

Mamma: Megan's quirky, wacky, neurotic Italian Mamma. If you dare to disobey her -- whether you are four or forty-four -- she is going to wash your mouth out with soap! She knows best and she is always right. Mamma rules!

Brent: Thirty-years-old, bright, funny, affable, compassionate, sensitive, caring, AND he has the cutest dimples! Can this guy be for real?

To see where Brent lives, click here.

Hayley: Megan's cool, thrill-seeking daughter, about to embark on an awesome adventure...

Supporting roles: Joe, Annabelle, Sanford, Joyce, Tina, Freddy, Sean and Andrea.

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