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Media Reviews

"Spunky and upbeat, a terrific piece of work. Great dialogue. I was laughing out loud! I could visualize the characters and I was amazed at how much I became wrapped up in their lives. I even had tears in my eyes at the end. What more can you ask for?"

    Christina Ferrari, former editor-in-chief of Teen People Magazine.

"Teeth in a Pickle Jar is an intelligent, humorous and well-written story.  Journalist and first-time author, H.B. Milligan, has clearly found her niche in fiction writing. The characterizations sparkle, the dialogue has "zing" to it, and the plot gleefully defies expectations. This quick, fluid read contains uncommon insight into human nature and is a satisfying exploration of one woman's daring-to-be-different journey toward love."

Cheryl Jeffries, Heartstrings Reviews

"Teeth in a Pickle Jar is a good, fast-paced and riveting read with all the right elements to make it satisfying. Ms. Milligan includes wit and great dialogue making it hard to put the book down. She has cleverly constructed characters that are well rounded and very realistic. If you like movies like 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding,' then this book is for you."

Coffee Time Romance

"Milligan's great strength is without a doubt her ability to create vivid characters. TEETH IN A PICKLE JAR is an enjoyable read, especially for someone who enjoys a light romance with a little humor and rich, charming characters. Milligan must be given big kudos for her use of the phrase "teeth in a pickle jar" as the title of her book. Sweet, funny, and the crux of the book's message, I can't think of a better title."

Book Pleasures

"Excellent read, highly recommended. Milligan has flair to draw her readers into her characters' situations and emotions. Makes for an amazing read with a "feel good" experience throughout."

AllBooks Review

"This feel-good book should leave any female reader with a warm glow from the empathetic characters, the odd tear-jerking moment, and the satisfying dramatic conclusion."

Women Writers. net

"A great read and the perfect book to take on vacation. I packed it in my beach bag and could hardly put it down until I finished the last page. Wonderful character development. I felt as if I'd made new friends by the end of the book."

Paula Murray, Editor, U Magazine

"H.B. Milligan has a fantastic way with words and it shows in every page of this book.  The book is full of laughter and tears and you can relate to a lot of what Megan goes through. I read this book in one day because I couldn't put it down until I found out what happened at the end!"

International Woman Magazine

"Teeth in a Pickle Jar left me with tears in my eyes as I finished reading it. The further I got into the book, the more moving the dialogue became and the more engrossed I became in the characters' lives. The dialogue and characters are believable, and the story funny and touching."

 Diva Tribe

"The book is well-written and funny; an easy read that will appeal to many women. Those who would love 'Teeth in a Pickle Jar' are infinite."

The Lakeland Times, Minocqua, WI

"Milligan's pen delights, creating an entrancing tale of self-discovery, friendship and romance."

"The book is filled with laughter, love, sweetness, and, above all, precious hope. A good, solid read. It is enjoyable, with very human characters to which many of us can relate."

Kristen Houghton, Marriage Editor,

"A great, lighthearted yet moving novel that you'll be sad to finish.  An endearing story that will suck you in instantly, bringing both tears to your eyes and a smile to your face"

The Literary Pepper Tree

"Teeth in a Pickle Jar" is very smooth and very human. Helena has a fantastic way with words.

Dave Rosso, city editor of Times-Standard, Eureka, CA

"This novel is very readable, engaging, witty and light-hearted... A playful but revealing look at some important existential matters.  The plot moves along nicely."

Cathy Nolan, Paris-based correspondent for People Magazine .

"It's a  delightful story, a fun read."

-- Ken Jefferson, anchor, WWSB-TV (ABC affiliate) "News at Noon"

Reader's Comments

This book is now a member of my top 10 favorites. I met H.B. Milligan this evening at a book discussion. She is as wonderful as her book. I'm so glad I read this and I tell everyone (especially single women) it's a must read.

Cathy Brown, Bradenton, FL

I LOVED your book! I finished it at 2:30am this morning and didn't want it to end. It was so engaging and insightful, drawing you into the characters. Thank you for such a wonderful book.

Michelle McCaffrey, Beachbums Book Club, Sarasota FL

A great read, inspiring and uplifting. I didn't want it to end. One instantly becomes part of Megan's world, her struggles with her "mamma," as well as all the people she holds dear in her life. Waiting for more from this talented writer.

 Susan H, Sonoma CA

Just wanted to let you know how enjoyable this novel was.  I just had to keep turning the pages for two days.  Looking forward to another, hopefully in the near future.

 Sara G, Winter Haven, FL

I loved the book.  I'll look forward to your next one.

 Donna B, Bradenton, FL

Teeth in a Pickle Jar is an easy and engrossing read. Beyond that, it is a thought-provoking plea for giving chemistry and common sense precedence over rigid rules in the mating game -- and life in general -- and a reminder that maturity is not necessarily measured by chronological age alone.

DvS. - Bloomington, Indiana

A story of romance and passion for life; about taking
a chance, living life, finding happiness in unexpected
places. It is a great read, funny and compelling till the end.

Mary H. - Kingston, PA

A wonderfully entertaining novel - fun and a pleasure to read

Marlene B. - Vancouver, Canada

Loved the book, had many a good laugh.

Muriel S. - Boston, MA

An absolutely lovely story. I love the humor throughout; it's very on, very quick, and fun to read.

Elizabeth Zack, Editor, Bookcrafters LLC

Just finished TEETH IN A PICKLE JAR and enjoyed reading it tremendously. You captured all the joys and hardships of the December/May relationship between a woman and a man, and your portrayal of Megan's mother
was superb. The mother-daughter relationship was absolutely on target, as well.

I hope you'll consider writing a sequel, because the end left me wondering what would happen with Megan and Brent, and also with Hayley and Pedro and their baby.

Arlene S. - Blue Ridge Mountains


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